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General information

Dutch Certification system

Certification is one of the means that's used by Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (abbr SA)  to enhance safe and healthy working conditions.

Hyperbaric Labour concerns diving work, hyperbaric medicine work, caisson work and other work under hyperbaric conditions.  Diving is considered, together with a few other professions, as work with an elevated risk profile. This gives hyperbaric labour the status of “regulated profession”. 

The System is based on the international standard NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

The Netherlands Diving Centre Certifying Institute, NDC CI, is the certifying institute approved appointed by the Ministry of SA.

In a nutshell: every diver, dive supervisor, diver medical assistant, diving physician working in the Dutch Sector on a permanent base must have a certificate issued by the Dutch Ministry of SA appointed Certifying institute and the status of the certificate must be listed in the SWOD public register. Divers and supervisors who want to work incidentally in the Dutch Sector can apply for a Proof of Assessment. This document states that the certificate is equal. Certificates and Proof of Assessments will be issued for 4 years: after 2 years an interim audit + after 4 years a recertification (test).  Validity requirements are the same. 


Link to sector specific certification schemes

Scheme Diving Physician
Scheme Dive supervisor
Scheme Prof Diver
Scheme Diver Medical Support


Professional Diver / Dive Supervisor Categories

A1 Diving with SCUBA with a maximum depth of 9 metres
A2 Diving with SCUBA with a maximum depth of 15 metres
A3 Diving with SCUBA with a maximum depth of 30 metres
B0 Diving with Surface Demand equipment till 9 metres
B1 Diving with Surface Demand equipment till 15 metres
B2 Diving with Surface Demand equipment till 30 metres
B3 Diving with Surface Demand equipment till 50 metres
B4 Diving with Surface Demand equipment till 50 metres including Wetbell
C Closed Bell / saturation diving
SVR Working as a dive supervisor (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3 B4 and C )


Certificates (and Proof of Assessments) diver and dive supervisor will be issued for 4 years.
The certificate holder and the certifying institute have a contract  (see application form).
The certifying institute must supervise that the certificate holder stays active in his profession and keeps his skills actual. (A periodic logbook check for continuous  professional experience)
Therefore after 2 years he must proof his continuous professional skills.

Certificates Diver Medical Support will be issued for 2 years and by following a recognized Diver Medical Training (in time) a recertification process can be started. Certificates Diving Physician will be issued for 4 years and every year an interim audit will take place.