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SWOD 2022/910

News item Diving Medical Certificate non-EU


Of interest in the context of this news item is the document on health (so it is emphatically not about recognition of professional qualifications) also called the diving medical approval. In recent months, the diving medical approval of SWOD has been submitted to the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW).  The reason to make this negotiable was mainly due to Brexit and thus the finiteness of the mutual recognition since 2006 of each other's diving medical approval.  The Dutch and the international diving industry are closely linked to diving work.  It is therefore more than desirable to provide a framework for possible mutual recognition of diving medical approval for non-EU divers.  The priority was to clarify as soon as possible the UK diving medical approval in order to restore mutual recognition.  The Dutch medical approvals are still recognized in United Kingdom.

Diving medical certificates non-EU

We have recently received a message from SZW that there is a basis for recognition of diving medical approval for non-EU divers. The starting point is all Dutch diving medical regulations regarding diving medical examinations.  A precondition here is that SWOD is of the opinion that there is equivalence.  The Central Board of Experts (CCvD) of SWOD has asked the Diving Medical Affairs (DMZ) project group to first make a ruling on the equivalence of UK diving medical approval and then to advise the CCvD by means of an growing process on possible equivalence of other non-EU diving medical approval.  On the SWOD website we will keep a living list of equivalent diving medical approval under the tab documents ( ).  After all, the requirements for diving medical approval can change over time both in the Netherlands and in the non-EU countries involved.

Diving medical approval United Kingdom-equivalent

The CCvD has decided, on the intercession of the DMZ, that diving medical approval from United Kingdom is equivalent.  Firstly, because since last year the guideline for inspection for a Dutch diving medical inspection certificate has also been based on the HSE MA1. Secondly, United Kingdom, like the Netherlands, has a register of recognized diver doctors who inspect in accordance with this directive, which guarantees the quality and content of these inspections.