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In preparation for the planned system change "Certification to Registration" on January 1, 2025, NDC-CI and Hobéon SKO have decided to start implementing the division of responsibilities arising from this change as of July 1, 2024.

This means that as of July 1, 2024, Hobéon SKO will relinquish its designation as a Certifying Institution. NDC-CI will then become the only Certifying Institution. Hobéon will transfer its certificates to NDC-CI. NDC-CI, as the Certifying Institution, will take over responsibility for these certificates. The validity of the certificates will remain unchanged. Your Hobéon SKO certificate will remain valid until your next  registration. You will be informed further about when your Hobéon SKO certificate needs to be replaced with a certificate (proof of registration) from the Registration Institution designated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW).

Since mid-2012, the Foundation Working Under Hyperbaric Pressure has been actively fulfilling the legal certification requirements for divers, diving-supervisors, dive medical attendants, and dive physicians. The implementation of this regulation is detailed in the Working Conditions Regulation, annex XVIa to d (Certification Schemes), and has been carried out by the certifying institutions NDC-CI and Hobéon.

Starting January 1, 2025 (subject to change), the certification system will be modified to a registration system. The implementation of this system will be managed by a Registration Institution and an Examination Institution. Based on recommendations from the diving industry and mutual agreement between NDC-CI and Hobéon SKO, the following division of responsibilities has been chosen:

Hobéon SKO will become responsible for conducting exams as the Examination Institution. This means that all theory exams, practical exams, and assessments of ongoing professional experience (portfolio reviews for divers, dive supervisors and divephysicians) will be conducted by Hobéon SKO.

NDC-CI will manage the register as the Registration Institution. This means that all certificates and certificate holders will be included in the NDC-CI (RI) Portal. All communication regarding obtaining and maintaining your registration(s) will be facilitated by NDC-CI through this portal. Costs for examinations and registrations will be itemized separately on invoices.

Costs related to managing the registration schemes, maintaining the system, retaining the designation by SZW as the Registration Institution, facilitating the digital register ( and the Portal, and international coordination regarding the recognition of your certificate (proof of Registration) will be included in registration fees. Costs related to conducting exams and facilitating examinations will be included in exam fees.